Monday, June 6, 2011

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The podcast for June 5, 2011 is now available!


DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE (June 6th – June 11th)

Monday – John 6.1-71
Meditation: What do you want? Do you want to be satisfied or do you want to be saved? That is the question that this passage lays out. The answer, Christ tells us, comes only from the bread of life. He is the bread of life. If we want anything in this life, it comes from him. Is Christ the bread of your life? Is he your satisfaction? Or are you still trying to find pleasure in the things this world has to offer?

Tuesday – John 6.36-71; Luke 8.4-15
Meditation: How do you know if you shared the gospel right? What proves to you that you didn’t mess up? Jesus makes one thing clear: don’t grade your performance on peoples’ responses. Here Jesus gives a clear gospel message, and is in fact the gospel living right before their eyes. This is perfect evangelism. Yet what happens, the entire crowd leaves him. Fifteen thousand people walk away. We think if one person isn’t convinced by our witness we are a failure. Take hope in the same thing Christ did; he knows the Father is working, his job is to just do his will. Share the gospel, not judging your success on the people who flock to follow you, but on doing the Father’s will. You’ll find more happiness in that than you will 500 false conversions.

Wednesday – John 6.36-71; John 17.14-17
Meditation: This world does not like the gospel. But that doesn’t mean we should back down from the truth. When the crowds respond negatively to Christ, he doesn’t change strategies. He continues to give them what they need to hear: “Believe in me to find life.” In the same way, when the world or our friends or family ridicules us, we should not be shocked or swayed. Our hope rests in the truth. That is a foundation that will never be shaken.

Thursday – John 6.36-71
Meditation: What does unbelief look like? Is it the atheist or agnostic? Is it the one who hates the Bible or lives in blatant sin? Jesus shows us here that unbelief is more than that and that’s why it’s so dangerous. Sometimes unbelief reigns in a group that is following Jesus daily. Sometimes it’s even in those who call themselves his disciples. Belief isn’t passive – being in a certain group, claiming a certain title (whether it’s “disciple” or “Christian”). Belief is actively pursuing and consuming Christ – seeing him as your only food, your only satisfaction, your only salvation.

Friday – John 6.36-71; 1 John 5.3
Meditation: Do you have a problem with Jesus? The crowds didn’t believe who he was. They didn’t like what he had to say. What about you? Do you have a problem with him? How can you tell? God tells us to look at our lives. Believing what Jesus says isn’t about just nodding our heads at the right time, or giving an “amen”. It’s demonstrated in our changed lives. Dead lives, lives of unbelief, they look dead. And changed hearts, alive hearts, hearts that believe who Jesus is and what he says, they show it too. Your life testifies what you believe. What is it saying?

Saturday – John 7