Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daily Bible Readings: September 6th- September 11th

Monday- Romans 3:10-19; Acts 19:18-20
Meditation: Sin is a problem.  It is a problem for the world.  It is a problem for you and me. To remove sin from our lives we must first see the problem of sin. To either ignore sin or to be too embarrassed to admit our problem is to either be foolish or prideful. The world doesn’t need us to be perfect nor does God expect us to be. What the world needs and what God demands is that we hate sin and love him. Admit that sin is a problem and ask God to help you fight the fight that will bring him praise.

Tuesday – 1 John 3.4; James 2.10; Genesis 3.1-24
Meditation: “Sin is lawlessness.” What a simple and yet profound statement. Direct, to the point, no qualifiers. There is no such thing as a small sin. Any sin we refuse to deal with is a sin great enough to send us to hell. When we decide that certain sins are okay, we are saying our sins are more important to us than God. How can that be? God tells us to get rid of all sin, he tells us how bad sin is, and yet we love that sin more than we love following him otherwise we would get rid of it. Holding onto sins tell us something about ourselves and about what is most important in our lives.

Wednesday – Ephesians 4.15-16; 1 Corinthians 5.6; Ephesians 4.29
Meditation: Sin is a cancer. It affects the whole body. Not just your body but the body of Christ. You and I are not on an island. Our lives affect the lives of our brothers and sisters in the church. And it doesn’t just affect them, sin will spread into their hearts as well. Every sin in our heart is a sin that could tear our church apart. We must get rid of it, because destruction is what it wants.

Thursday – Galatians 5.17; Hebrews 3.13; Proverbs 6.32
Meditation: Sin is subtle and deceitful. It grows undetected and is never satisfied until it destroys both you and the body of Christ. Sin wars against the soul. It lusts against the Spirit. We never know where sin will take us until it becomes what we never thought it would. A stray thought wants to be become an action. Bitterness in our heart wants to become murder. We must get rid of sin because it will never be quiet. It will never be satisfied until it has your whole heart. Ask God to help you search out sin in your heart today and to help you remove any speck of it.

Friday – Ephesians 4.30; Ephesians 1.3-23
Meditation: Sin is also destructive in how it affects our relationship with God. Our sin grieves God who loves and cares for us as our Father. When we sin, it says something about what we think about the grace of God. If God has really been as good to us as we say, how can we even think about sinning against him? Every sin is ultimately against him. How can we celebrate his grace in our lives and then turn our hearts back to the very thing his grace saved us from?

Saturday – Romans 3.10-19

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