Monday, November 28, 2011


Monday –John 14.1-3
This week we will look at the first section of John 14. Jesus has just told his disciples very troubling news. He will leave them soon. He is going to die. One of them will betray him, and Peter is going to deny him. This causes a very somber mood to fall upon their evening, but Jesus seeing that his disciples are troubled in their hearts will offer four encouragements that they might remain faithful during the dark days that are coming. We will find these encouragements to be beneficial as we face a life filled with trials and troubles.

Tuesday –John 14.1-3; Psalm 9.9-10; Psalm 25.1-3
The first directive Jesus gives his disciples is to believe in God and believe in Him. The key to facing difficult days is to trust in God’s sovereignty, wisdom and power. The disciples will be tempted to believe that God is not in control of the events that will transpire over the next few days. They need to trust that the Father and Christ are in complete control over all things. We, too, need to trust in God during trying circumstances. The most difficult of days can be faced with confidence and hope when we look to God in faith. We must not focus upon our difficult situations but upon a God who is ‘greater than all.’

Wednesday – John 14.1-3; Revelation 21.1-8
A second aspect of facing troubling times is an understanding that ‘in the Father’s house are many rooms.’ The focus of this statement is not on the lavishness of each individual room but on the intimacy his disciples will have with the Father and the spaciousness of His house. One of the great hopes of the Christian life is the reality that those who trust in Christ will spend their life and their eternity in a relationship with God. The disciples need not worry about being excluded from heaven for there is ample room for all who believe. This, too, is a great hope for us—the reality that we will spend all of eternity living in the Father’s house. Praise God and Christ for bringing this great blessing about!

Thursday – John 14.1-3; Habakkuk 1.13; Hebrews 10.19-22
A third source of comfort for dark days is the fact that Jesus has ‘prepared a place’ for us. It is better for the disciples if Jesus leaves b/c when he does he will prepare a place for them. Preparing a place does not mean that Jesus is going to heaven to finish building it for us but instead means that he is preparing a way for us to go to heaven. Scripture is clear that sinful man cannot dwell in the presences of a holy God, yet we believe that we will one day go and live in the very presences of God. This is why Jesus must go and prepare a place for us. He does this by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead. By doing so, he opens up access for us to live with Him in His Father’s house forever.

Friday – John 14.1-3; 1 Thessalonians 5.1-11
A final cause for hope during trying times is the certainty of Jesus’ return. He tells his disciples that after he goes and prepares a place for them he will return to get them and take them to be with Him. Jesus will not forsake his people. He will return for them. It is inconceivable that having gone through all the difficulty to reconcile man and God that Jesus would not bring it to its consummation. He will return for his bride and take his people to heaven with him. What a wonderful truth to sustain us during difficulty! No matter how hard life gets, we can always take comfort in knowing that this world is not the end for us. We are destined for an eternity with God and Christ.

Saturday – John 14
Pray that God would speak to you through the preaching of His word tomorrow

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