Saturday, January 14, 2012

DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE (Jan. 16th – Jan. 21st)

Monday – John 15.18-16.4a
Meditation: What kind of life should we expect as Christians? We live in the midst of a lost world and wait for a hope that is yet to come. Are our hopes wrongly placed? What if we’re wrong about what God wants from us? Can we trust Jesus? Are we alone in our struggles? These questions have plagued the church, and, in this chapter, Jesus himself will answer our doubts. Pray that your faith would be strengthened by the words of your Savior this week.

Tuesday – John 15.18-25, 16.1-4a; John 3.19-20; John 7.7
Meditation: What response should the Christian expect from the world? The same response Jesus himself received: HATE. The world will hate us, Jesus says, because it hated him, because we are not a part of it anymore, and because it hates the Father. It will hate us even without reason. As Christians, we will always have a tenuous position with the world, because we show love to the world by showing it how broken it is. No one likes to be told their wrong and the wayward sinner is the ultimate example of that truth. Jesus warns us, “the world won’t like you. It won’t be able to stand you.” Are you ready for this response from those you love, those who need to hear the truth? You better be for their sake and yours.

Wednesday – John 15.18-27; 1 Cor. 2.14; Ezek. 36.26-27; Ezek. 37.13-14
Meditation: We are in a battle for the truth. We know the truth and yet the world is blind, deaf, and dumb to it. It hears from the Father and yet kills the messenger. It sees the works and yet hates the worker. And they will hate us without reason if they must. The things of God are unknowable to their dead hearts. So what must we do? We must not lose hope. We can rest in that we are resting in the Truth no matter what the world says. And we can share the gospel knowing that the Spirit who changes dead hearts is exactly the one who testifies with us. Do you have confidence because of Christ to face the world? How about to share the gospel with that family member or friend who needs to hear it? Will you?

Thursday – John 16.1-4a; 1 John 2.17
Meditation: Persecution is promised to the Christian but what is also promised is that that persecution will last for only an hour. It may seem like the world and its morals have conquered the kingdom of God but that is not the truth. Christ’s kingdom will advance. They may win the hour, but rest assured we are promised the eternity. Is that your hope?

Friday – John 15.20
Meditation: One verse today and it’s meant to draw us to consider our own lives. How foreign does this verse sound to you? Are we having to turn discomforts into persecutions, mockery into martyrdom? Why does the American Christian see little of the persecution that Christ promises in this passage will come? Is it because God has blessed us with peace? Then take advantage of that peace and share gospel during this blessed time. Or is it because when the world sees us, they don’t see Christ? Does the world love you, because, when they see you, they see themselves? Or does it hate you, because, when they see you, they see Jesus? If you’re like me, what frightens you more than persecution might just be your answer to that question.

Saturday – John 16.4b-33

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