Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Bible Readings: August 16th-21st

Monday – Psalm 149.1-9
Meditation: While Psalm 148 was about the duty of all of creation to praise their Creator, this week it is the church that fills the verses of Psalm 149. If Psalm 148 was a praise of the Creator, Psalm 149 is a praise to the Redeemer. What is God calling on his people to do? What is the life of his people supposed to look like? Pray that God would help you to see what it is he demands from you and pray he would help you to believe and accomplish what he demands.

Tuesday – Psalm 149.1-5; Lamentations 3.22-23
Meditation: As God’s people are called to praise him, what is the content of their praise? What drives his people to give up their very lives and follow him? We see in this psalm that there is no one moment, but rather new moments, “new songs”, every day where God adds content to our praise. Every day lived in allegiance to him is a day filled with blessing and a life filled with reasons to praise our great God.

Wednesday – Psalm 149.1-5; Hebrews 10.24-25; 1 Corinthians 6.9-11
Meditation: Who is called to this life? Called to praise God anew every day? The praise of God rings out from an assembly of the godly. Meeting together is good for Christians and healthy and essential for spiritual growth. But that gathering must be one of total humility. We are not godly because of who we are, we are godly because of what God has done for us. And it is that work of God, that grace, that drives us to praise him and drives us together in his name and for his glory.

Thursday – Psalm 149.1-5; Exodus 15.19-22
Meditation: How are we to praise God? That is a question asked by church worship people and has been a part of modern church debate for over a decade. Yet here God highlights just one aspect of praise: rejoicing. When thinking about God, the people rejoice with unfettered joy (dancing, music, etc.) If someone from the outside were to see our worship service is that what they would see, people celebrating / rejoicing together? Would they see that in your life today?

Friday – Psalm 149.1-5; John 3.16; Ephesians 3.20-21; Psalm 63.6-7
Meditation: The psalm finishes with four reasons we have to praise God: God’s delight in us, our salvation, the promise of glory, and the coming victory. We have every reason to praise God. Every reason to have every day of our lives filled with praise. How is it that praise is a struggle? How is it that praising God with every minute of our lives seems like a fairy tale, an exaggeration? Could it be that we haven’t spent enough time really understanding the why of our praise? If we will see what God has done for us, praising God won’t be what we do; it will be who we are.

Saturday – Psalm 149.1-9
Meditation: Look over this week’s meditations. Not only is God our Creator, he is our Redeemer. We have every reason to praise him and new reasons that will arise every day. Make sure this week you understand the call of God’s people to praise him.

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