Monday, April 18, 2011


Monday – John 4.43-54
Meditation: “Just give me a sign.” Have you ever asked that of God? Just a little more proof and your faith will be bolstered. You’re not alone. Many people think signs will spur them into greater faith, but “seeking signs” we are going to see is often a sign itself…a sign of unbelief. This week’s lesson isn’t a focus on sign-seeking but rather the problem of unbelief that plagued the nation of Israel and that plagues the world today. Do you believe? That’s the question for this week and I hope your answer will be, “Most definitely I do.”

Tuesday – John 4.43-45; John 1.11; Revelation 3.17
Meditation: Why do you need Jesus? Many people sought Jesus because they thought he could fix their problems. From diseases to demons, Jesus was the one who could right your ship. This was what the Jews were looking for and Jesus rebukes them for it. But why? Because in seeking signs and fixes of those problems, they missed their greatest problem. They needed Jesus, but not to fix their world. They needed him to fix them. Their hearts were the problem. Until they believed that, Jesus tells them they will never truly believe. What do you need Jesus for? Do you think he fixes what wrong in your life or do you believe that he fixes your biggest problem: YOU? The first seeks for signs, but the second finds a savior.

Wednesday – John 4.46-49
Meditation: This story serves as the example of unbelief. Here is a man who just wants Jesus to come and fix the greatest problem he has in his life. Or at least what he thinks is his greatest problem. Serving as an example of God’s wayward people, he longs for a sign, but doesn’t really believe that Jesus is the Savior of his soul. Would your life fit with this example? Someone who wants Jesus in their life but doesn’t necessary think they need to be saved?

Thursday – John 4.50-54; Hebrews 4.12
Meditation: Something happens when Jesus speaks to this man. Jesus’ words change this man’s heart in a way that will bring about a new hope for himself and for his whole family. The man realizes that Jesus is more than a miracle worker and finally the man believes. And this change is wrought by a simple response from Jesus. There is great power in God’s word, and that same power is available to you. Every time you open the Bible, you meet words that carry the same life-changing power. Are you looking for God to speak to you too, while the whole time his word sits unopened and his voice muted in the Bible you don’t read?

Friday – John 4.43-54
Meditation: Do you believe? Or are you just wanting God to fix your world without realizing what he really needs to fix is your heart? What a great testimony to the power of God that when we listen not only does he change us, but he can change those we love as well. This man journeyed from unbelief to belief and Jesus worked a greater sign than the man could have imagined: eternal life for him, his little boy, and his whole family.

Saturday – Luke 22.1-24.53
Meditation: Easter approaches. Is your heart alive? Christ’s return from the tomb is what bore that great hope. Rejoice in the resurrection that brings you life

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