Monday, April 25, 2011


Monday – Luke 22.1-24.53
Meditation: Easter is said to be the greatest day in the Christian calendar. But how do the truths we celebrate at Easter impact the rest of our year? By the grace of God, when Jesus does rise on Easter morn he spends his remaining time here teaching his disciples about this greatest of days and how they are now to live. Pray today that God would make Easter more than a day of celebration, but an event that shapes every day to follow in your new risen life.

Tuesday – Luke 24.13-49; Romans 8.28; John 20.24-29
Meditation: The greatest time in Christian history also seems to have been the most chaotic. The events of the week leading up to Sunday left those how followed Jesus confused and afraid. So when Jesus meets with them, his first response is to remind them that those things were far from chaotic but rather the plans of God. He also reassured them that he was real and that if he was real, so was their salvation. Easter is a time of life back from the dead. A day God promised in Scripture and worked out not in chaos but by his plan, and in that day accomplished our salvation, a salvation just as real as our resurrected Lord.

Wednesday – Luke 24.49; John 16.4-11; Acts 1.8
Meditation: Jesus promises that his departure will be a time of great blessing for us, because he will send the promised Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts. It is the Spirit that will empower us to do all that Christ has called us to do. When Jesus is telling them this he puts extra emphasis on the power of the Spirit to change the hearts of the world. How is that we have the force behind bringing hearts to life residing inside of us and we sit twiddling our thumbs and talking about how ineffective we would be in evangelism?

Thursday – Matthew 28.9-10
Easter is also just a time of great celebration, for God has done great things for us. A time of good news to be spread among all God’s people. A lot of times we can be guilty of celebrating without thinking about what or why we are celebrating. We lose the point of Easter in the midst of celebrating Easter. Make sure you don’t do that. Fill your mind today with what we are celebrating, let no other thought come in but Christ risen for you, and let those thoughts serve as the foundation for your happiness and rejoicing today and for your life.

Friday – Matthew 28.18-20
Meditation: What do we do now that Easter is over? Easter is not the ending of the story but the beginning of the disciples’ task. What is that task? Make disciples. Go, baptize, teach them. This is our new call that springs from the truths that Easter brought to life. Jesus is alive, you are alive, now tell the world how they can live. But how can we possibly be responsible for such a great task? Jesus calms our fears by assuring us, he is with us the whole way. Are you celebrating Easter by living out your new purpose in life? Are you living like Jesus is right there with you? Helping you, guiding you, but also watching all that you do?

Saturday – John 5.1-47
Meditation: Did you celebrate Easter this whole week? Prepare your heart to continue that celebration in worship tomorrow.

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