Thursday, November 18, 2010


Monday – Mark 10.35-45
Meditation: Selfishness is a sin that all Christians struggle with.  One of the most natural desires for all of us is the desire to seek our own interests above the interests of others.  This week we will see why selfishness cannot have any place in the life of a believer.  Begin to think of ways you can better serve others.
Tuesday Mark 10.35-45;  1 Corinthians 11.17-22
Meditation: James and John seek to promote their own interest at the expense of the other disciples.  They realize that the two places of greatest honor are next to the king, so they seek to gain these positions for themselves.  In doing so, they intentionally exclude their fellow disciples by looking out only for themselves.  We often act just like James and John by seeking to place ourselves in positions above others.  Do you think only of yourself?  If so, repent.
Wednesday – Mark 10.35-45;  Genesis 3.1-13
Meditation: Selfishness is ultimately directed towards God.  First and foremost, selfishness is a usurpation of God’s rightful position in our lives.  Anytime we live our lives as we see fit without giving any thought to the Lord, we are removing God from his rightful position and placing self at the center of everything.  Are you living for God or for yourself?  Do you only follow God out of what you can “get” from Him? 
Thursday – Mark 10.35-45;  Philippians 2.1-11
Meditation: Selfishness can also be directed towards others.  We often live in ways that show our only concern to be our well-being.  Anytime we seek our own interests above or at the expense of others we are acting selfishly.  Scripture teaches us that we are to look to the interests of others as if they were are very own.  How are you living in relation to others?  Do you look out only for yourself or are you seeking ways to promote others?
Friday – Mark 10.35-45;  Mark 15.1-41
Meditation: Jesus corrects the thinking of the disciples by showing that His kingdom does not operate like the kingdoms of this world.  He shows his disciples that greatness in His kingdom does not come through assertion of self but through the service of others.  To be a follower of Jesus Christ means being a servant to others.  Think of ways that you can serve others the rest of this week.
Saturday – Mark 10.35-45
Meditation:  Selfishness is no small matter.  Jesus teaches us that selfishness is a characteristic of sinful people while being a servant is the evidence of a true believer.  Examine your life to see if you are seeking your own good only or if you are being a servant.  Look for ways to serve others.  Begin to prepare your heart for worship tomorrow and think of one way you can be a servant as we gather tomorrow.

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