Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE (November 8th – 13th)

Monday – Ephesians 4.29; Proverbs 6.16-19
Meditation: Again this week we will look at the problem of the corrupting talk that can come out of our mouths. The things we say can destroy those we love the most and can even destroy us. Remember the warnings from last week and ask God to show you how your speech has been in the last several days. Pray for the grace to guard your tongue and for the wisdom to know when you just need to shut up.

Tuesday – Proverbs 16.27-28; Hebrews 12.15
Meditation: This week we are looking at discord, causing problems in the church. Why is God so adamant against those who stir up the church? Because this type of talk is so dangerous. It is a scorching fire. And it is a fire that burns well. As Hebrews warns us if we don’t stop it, it will end up defiling many. Griping about the church or the people in it is a dangerous tool of Satan and unfortunately it is often the Christian hand that wealds it. Pray that God would empty your hand and shut your mouth before you say anything negative about his body and your church home.

Wednesday – 1 Corinthians 6.7-8; Hebrews 13.17
Meditation: Well aren’t I obligated to say something? Apparently not, according to the Bible. The Bible says it is better for us to be wronged or cheated than to fight against one another. In Hebrews, it tells us that it is to no advantage to us to gripe or complain. Better to keep my mouth shut. This is a hard thing for us to realize and even a harder thing for us to do. So what do you and I need…grace! Pray for God to give you the grace you need see how unimportant what we have to say really is.

Thursday – Titus 3.10-11
Meditation: This is one of the most striking passages and warnings on how seriously God takes the sin of causing trouble in the church. Here a pastor, Titus, is told to not just get on to someone who causes division but to have nothing to do with them after warning them a couple of times. Not only that. God says that this type of talk gives a window to the heart of the person talking and demonstrates that their heart is going in the wrong direction. What does your window show? What is your mouth testifying about where your heart is?

Friday – Ephesians 4.1-3; Ephesians 4.29
Meditation: So what am I supposed to say? Guarding our mouths is about stopping harmful talk and substituting it with good “edifying” talk. What is that good talk? Humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain unity. Is that how you talk? Would someone describe your words in this way? That’s not just how they should be. That’s how God commands they must be.

Saturday – Ephesians 4.29
Meditation: What type of talk comes out of your mouth? Do you think about what you say? What should we do with our tongue? 1) Give attention to it. 2) Submit our tongue to God’s word. Have you done that this week? Pray that you would.

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