Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE (November 22nd – 27th)

Monday – James 1.19-20 Meditation: The problem sin we will look at this week is anger. Anger is a problem for us all. Yet God warns us that anger is a great sin. A sin that we must guard against because it bears horrible fruit and as James says not the righteousness of God. You and I will get angry, but we must not let anger sit in our hearts. This week we will see why anger is so dangerous and how we can fight it. Pray for the grace of God to rid your heart of anger this week.
Tuesday – Genesis 4.1-8; Matthew 5.21-22
Meditation: Sometimes we can give anger a bit of a break. It just a reaction, an emotional response. Wrong? Yes, but certainly not dangerous. But that is not how the Bible paints anger. Anger is a grave sin, leading to even murder. Jesus even tells us that anger is on par with murder as it is essentially murder done in the heart. You and I must see anger as a dangerous sin and pray that we begin to control our anger before, as God warns Cain in Genesis, our anger begins to control us.
Wednesday – James 1.19-20; Ephesians 4.32; Colossians 3.12-13
Meditation: The problem with murder is what it produces. God demands our lives produce his righteousness, something he tells us anger does not do. Instead of anger and vengeance, we are to be filled with forgiveness and mercy. The Christian then cannot live the godly life while holding anger in his/her heart. Pray that you might live a godly life, a life filled with forgiveness and not anger.
Thursday – Genesis 4.6-8; Ephesians 4.26-27; Hebrews 12.15
Meditation: So what does anger produce? Greater and greater sin. At least that is what Scripture warns. It is anger that sits in Cain’s heart to kill his brother. In Ephesians, God warns that anger is a foothold for the devil in your life. In Hebrews, the warning is that anger will produce a root that will defile many even within God’s church. Anger is dangerous in that it will grow in your heart to produce all sorts of sinful thoughts and actions. That is why God warns us that we must rid our hearts of anger and do so quickly. Ask God to help you see how dangerous anger is.
Friday – Genesis 45.8, 50.20; 1 Peter 4.8; 1 Corinthians 13.5; Matthew 18.21-35
Meditation: So how do we fight against anger? Three things in Scripture serve as a defense against anger. First, trust in the sovereignty of God. Like Joseph sees God’s hand for your good even in the wrongs of others. Second, pray for love. Love will cover over wrongs and help protect us against anger rising in our hearts. Last, remember the gospel. Recognize just how much God has forgiven you and it will be easier to forgive others.
Saturday – Genesis 4.1-8; Matthew 18.21-35
Meditation: Do you hold onto your anger sometimes? In Cain see how dangerous anger can be. Unlike Cain, heed God’s warning there. And see in Matthew why forgiveness should come easy to us, we who have been forgiven so much.

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